Functional Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) Optimizes High-Protein Ice Cream-Part 2

The intricacies of developing high protein ice cream were described In Part 1 of the post summarizing the webinar “Formulating Excellent Quality, High-Protein Ice Cream.” Here in Part 2, the emphasis is placed on ways in which Idaho Milk Products’ functional milk protein concentrate (MPC) (Idaplus 1085) optimizes high protein ice cream. Webinar presenters included…


Designing High-Protein Ice Cream – Part 1

Ingredients used in any formulation are important regardless of the finished product, but the types and amounts of ingredients used in designing high-protein ice cream are particularly critical in achieving the desired outcome. This post is the first of two which summarizes key points from a webinar titled “Formulating Excellent Quality, High-Protein Ice Cream.” Part…

Dairy permeate powder ingredients

The Emerging Market for Milk Permeate Powder

Milk permeate powder (MPP) is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after dairy food products in the United States. IdaPro MPP is the co-product residual that remains after the low-heat filtration processes used to produce milk protein concentrates and isolates. This dairy permeate powder has a unique composition and provides a highly functional ingredient that’s…