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What is the Process for Making Milk Protein Concentrate?

Food science is a field overflowing with groundbreaking research, hard-working scientists, and continually evolving innovations. As we understand more about the actual contents of the foods we consume, new possibilities become clear — and through experimentation, new product opportunities often appear. For many years, chemical processing methods were the only way to reliably separate proteins…

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Milk Protein for Metabolic Health

Can the consumption of milk protein play an important role in fighting back against health issues such as diabetes and obesity? Disorders of the metabolism, from the inability to combat high levels of blood glucose (hyperglycemia) to excess fat deposition, are the precursors to many more serious health effects. According to a study published in…


Idaho Milk Products Launches New Webinar Series

Idaho Milk Products will be offering several online webcasts regarding formulating with milk proteins and overcoming common challenges and obstacles. Some of the topics will focus on the best practices for hydration and dispersion, RTD solubility and shelf-life testing, protein-fortified dry mixes, protein bars and cereals (including extrusions), protein quality comparisons, maximizing MPC quality and…