Ships hours after milking

Idapro Fresh Cream

Fresh cream from Idaho Milk Products is redefining the industry’s conception of what fresh actually means.

We have established a reputation for offering the freshest milk products on the market, thanks to our streamlined processes and production systems. Our IdaPro cream is pasteurized and sent for distribution just hours after it leaves one of our nearby milking parlors – all located less than an hour from our production facilities.

Upon arrival from our independently owned and operated dairy partners, we separate the cream from the milk. We then pasteurize and chill the cream to 36 degrees before loading and shipping directly to the customer. Our fresh cream, full of fresh dairy flavor and free of “off” flavors and odors that result from stale or aged cream, sets the premiere standard for producers of high-quality dairy products such as butter and ice cream.

With innovative production practices and creative processing solutions, the Idaho Milk Products team provides the highest quality milk products available today. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction reflects the passion we have for what we do.

If you would like to learn more about us or try a complimentary sample of our IdaPro fresh cream, contact us today.