Adds improved texture, consistency, and shelf life to an already great flavor

IdaPlus 1085

IdaPlus 1085 is a highly functional, calcium-modified milk protein that delivers superior flavor, texture and consistency, facilitating cleaner labeling and improved shelf life for your products.

Like our high-quality, innovative IdaPro products, our IdaPlus 1085 heat-stable protein powder is produced by filtering farm-fresh pasteurized skim milk through a low-heat membrane filtration procedure. This reduces the denaturation of the proteins and provides amazing consistency and texture while maintaining the exceptional level of flavor that our products are known for.

IdaPlus 1085

IdaPlus 1085 is 85% protein on a dry matter basis, with casein and whey proteins in the natural ratio of fresh cow’s milk.

Other component typical values are as follows.

1.75% calcium,
1.3% fat,
5.0% lactose,
6.4% ash, and
5.3% moisture.

IdaPlus 1085 has a sweet, clean flavor and aroma, providing superior development attributes for food producers, along with exceptional flavor and functional properties. This product can provide your products with enhanced texture and consistency, and an improved shelf life.

Ideal Applications for IdaPlus 1085

Used for protein enrichment, IdaPlus 1085 is ideal in ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages designed for active nutrition, weight management, and a variety of adult nutrition applications. This product is characterized by improved heat stability, allowing your products to have a longer shelf life. This, in turn, facilitates improved inventory flexibility.

IdaPlus 1085 performs very well in a wide variety of dairy applications, such as traditional yogurts, drinkable yogurts, high-protein ice cream, and today’s highly sought-after Greek-style yogurts. Use this product anywhere that improved texture, consistency, and flavor will help decrease production time, eliminate the need for stabilizers, drive lower costs and enable cleaner labeling.

Thanks to its reduced calcium content, IdaPlus 1085 facilitates high-protein, low-viscosity RTD beverages that have a longer shelf life, better texture, and high heat stability.

You can review a third-party heat-stability test of IdaPlus 1085 by clicking this link.

You can choose this product packaged in multi-walled paper bags with a double polyethylene liner (20 kilograms net content), or in polyethylene lined totes (800 kilograms net content).

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