MPC-80 & MPI-85

Milk Protein Concentrate & Milk Protein Isolate

MPC-80 & MPI-85

IdaPro MPC-80 and MPI-85 bring new freshness, flavor, and functionality to every formulation.

Idaho Milk Products produces industry-leading milk protein concentrates and milk protein isolates designed to provide exceptional results in every formulation.

Since 2009, we have worked tirelessly to manufacture the best milk protein isolates and concentrates available today. Every product we make is FDA Grade A, OU Kosher, IFANCA Halal and EU certified, and rBST-free. Our state-of-the-art production facility is SQF Quality and Food Safety Code, Edition 8.1 Highest Level certified.

Our commitment to superior service and exceptional quality you can count on, year after year, has made us the milk protein manufacturer of choice throughout the United States.

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IdaPro MPC-80


We use a low-heat membrane filtration process to manufacture our IdaPro Milk Protein Concentrate-80 (MPC-80) using fresh, pasteurized skim milk. Our advanced filtration process ensures that the protein is not denatured, allowing it to remain both highly nutritional and functional for a variety of applications.

On an as-is basis, IdaPro MPC-80 is 80% protein with casein and whey proteins in the same, natural ratio as fresh cow’s milk.

Other component typical values are as follows.


1.0% fat,

6.7% lactose,

6.7% ash, and

5.0% moisture.


This milk protein concentrate features a light, clean, milky flavor and aroma. Its functional attributes are highlighted by superior emulsifying properties, suspension stability, viscosity stability and solubility.

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IdaPro MPI-85


IdaPro Milk Protein Isolate-85 (MPI-85) is manufactured using fresh pasteurized skim milk. We use a low-heat membrane filtration process, designed and proven to ensure that the protein is not denatured, thus retaining its high level of functionality and nutritional value. On a dry matter basis, IdaPro MPI-85 is 85 percent protein. Both casein and whey proteins maintain the natural ratio found in fresh cow’s milk.

Other component target values in MPI-85 are as follows:


1.1% fat,

4.6% lactose,

6.6% ash, and

5.5 % moisture.


This milk protein isolate features a light, clean, milky flavor and aroma with functional attributes highlighted by superior emulsifying properties, solubility, viscosity stability, and suspension stability.

Ideal Uses & Functionalities

Use IdaPro MPC-80 and MPI-85 as emulsifiers and stabilizers for dairy products such as ice cream, ice cream novelties, and yogurt, as well as in meat products and powdered or liquid nutritional formulations. These products are also ideal for use as a highly effective total milk protein source in a variety of protein-enrichment applications. This includes ready-to-mix (RTM) and ready-to-drink (RTD) protein beverages for healthcare nutrition, active nutrition, and weight management applications.

You can use IdaPro MPI-85 in beverages and nutrition powders when a low level of lactose is required. IdaPro MPI-85 is also ideal when used as a cheese milk fortifier in standardized cheeses outside of the U.S. With its superior solubility and high level of protein, this product can render higher yields in high-quality cheeses.


Packaging Specifications & Free Sample Requests

We package both MPC-80 and MPI-85 in multi-walled paper bags with double polyethylene liners as well as in or our polyethylene lined totes, with net contents of 20 and 800 kilograms, respectively.

If you would like to discuss milk protein isolates or concentrates, contact us today. We are happy to provide answers to your questions or, upon request, to provide you with complimentary samples of any of our milk protein concentrates or milk protein isolates.