Milk Protein Isolate

IdaPro MPI-90

Our highest protein content, IdaPro MPI-90 is a perfect fit for high-protein formulations.

The perfect fit for your high-protein formulations, Idaho Milk Products proudly offers our IdaPro Milk Protein Isolate-90 (MPI-90), which contains our highest concentration of protein.

Like all our concentrated dairy products, IdaPro MPI-90 is produced using the highest quality membrane filtration processes available today. We use only the freshest milk, sourced from independently owned dairies. Our milking parlors are all located within 45 minutes of our production facilities, allowing us to go from milking to final product packing in as little as 24 hours.

IdaPro Milk Protein Isolate-90

We produce MPI-90 using fresh, pasteurized skim milk. We use a low-heat membrane filtration process, ensuring that the protein is not denatured and retains its high levels of nutrition and functionality.

This milk protein isolate is 90% protein on a dry matter basis and preserves casein and whey proteins in the same, natural ratio as fresh cow’s milk.

Other component typical values are as follows:

1.1% fat,
1.7% lactose,
6.3% ash, and
5.3% moisture.

With a light, clean, milky flavor and aroma, you will find that our IdaPro MPI-90 has a wide range of superior functional attributes, including solubility, emulsifying properties, viscosity stability and suspension stability.

milk protein concentrate

Ideal Uses & Applications of Highly Concentrated Milk Protein Isolate

Use IdaPro MPI-90 as a stabilizer and emulsifier for yogurt (including the highly popular Greek-style yogurts), ice cream, ice cream novelties, and other dairy products. It is also ideal when used in both powdered and liquid nutritional formulations. This product constitutes an exceptional source of valuable total milk protein, ideal for protein-enrichment applications including both powdered and ready-to-drink beverages as well as protein bars for healthcare nutrition, active nutrition, and weight management.

IdaPro MPI-90 delivers unparalleled performance when you require a high protein level and superior solubility in ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. In a comparison of multiple blind samples, IdaPro MPI-90 demonstrated significantly lower viscosity, greater solubility, higher heat stability, and faster dispersion than all other competitive milk protein isolates.

IdaPro MPI-90 stands well above the rest when you need milk protein isolates for RTD beverage applications1. In protein bars, MPI-90 delivers a high dose of quality protein and amino acids along with a highly desirable texture and flavor.

We package IdaPro MPI-90 in multi-walled paper bags with double polyethylene liners, with a net content of 20 kilograms each. We stack and wrap the bags on pallets in units of 800 kilograms total.

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