We do extensive antibiotic screening on every load of milk that arrives at Idaho Milk Products. If a load of milk is detected to contain antibiotics, that entire load of milk is rejected, as is required by law, and current protocol calls for sending that load to a digester for disposal. This program is FDA mandatory and regularly monitored by the FDA. Consequently, no milk is used for manufacture and, therefore, none of our products contain antibiotics. It is interesting to note that as of this writing, Idaho Milk Products has not had any loads received to date test positive for antibiotics. On the other hand, it is standard dairy industry practice to treat ailing cows with antibiotics to help them heal much faster, as a doctor will prescribe antibiotics for people who are ailing. These ailing cows, however, are kept isolated from healthy cows in “hospital pens” at the farms and they are milked separately from the healthy cows. Their milk is not included with milk for sale to the factory.