Great strides have been made in the production of nutritionally sound infant formulas, which mimic many of the major characteristics of human milk. Cow’s milk protein-based infant formulas are relied upon to provide optimal nutritional support for infants that, for a variety of reasons, cannot be, or are not, breastfed.

While human milk is whey-predominant, cow’s milk is casein predominant. The whey to casein ratio of mature human milk is about 60:40 and that of cow milk is about 80:20. This requires the addition of enough whey protein to consist of 42% of the total protein provided by the formula.

Due to the strict requirements on producing baby formula, not every manufacturer of MPC can meet the specifications of formula companies. Idaho Milk Products meets the specifications and would be glad to work with you on delivering exceptional protein for your baby formula. At Idaho Milk Products all of our products are FDA Grade A, rBST-free, OU Kosher, IFANCA Halal, and EU certified.