Sweet whey powder (SWP) and skim milk powder/nonfat dry milk (SMP/NFDM) both contain significant mineral content and mineral composition is similar to MPP. SWP is almost equivalent to MPP in mineral composition while SMP/NFDM possesses a higher calcium content than MPP. You should be able to substitute MPP for SWP directly without any change in product formulation. When substituting MPP for SMP/NFDM, you might have to slightly modify your gum system and sequestering salt levels. If your product contains iota and/or lambda carrageenan or guar gum, you might have to increase the gum usage slightly to achieve desired stability when replacing SMP/NFDM. On the other hand, you might find that you can decrease usage of sequestering/emulsifying agents, such as disodium and dipotassium phosphate when replacing SMP/NFDM with MPP.