In general, 10 to 11 grams of milk permeate powder will replace 1 gram of salt in a formulation, without sacrificing flavor. It is recommended to balance the addition of milk permeate powder by reducing other macro-ingredients such as flour, fat, eggs, granulated sugar and other carbohydrates. In many instances, a total cost-reduced formula can also be achieved as milk permeate powder replaces other more costly ingredients.

IdaPro Milk Permeate Powder (MPP) is manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk. Unlike whey permeate which is made from byproducts of the cheese making process, our MPP contains only what is found in fresh milk. It is a coveted ingredient in many dairy blends because of its mild sweet milky flavor, is an excellent browning agent, non-hygroscopic nature, uniform crystal size and a great alternative ingredient to skim milk powders, whey powder and lactose. IdaPro MPP has a minimum 80% lactose, average 3.2% protein, average 9.3% ash and contains trace amounts of fat.

A few of the major uses of IdaPro MPP are bakery and confectionery, dairy-based blends, frozen desserts and novelties, cultured dairy products and maltodextrin replacement as fillers in nutrition products.