In the United States, milk permeate powder (MPP) can be listed as “dairy product solids” on your ingredient legend. Dairy product solids are a cost-effective way to add dairy solids to bakery and confectionery products. It can also be used as a salt substitute in some applications.

IdaPro MPP is a great alternative ingredient to skim milk powders, whey powder and lactose. In most bakery applications, milk permeate powder can replace sweet whey powder on a 1:1 basis and at a discount to sweet whey. Milk permeate powder provides the same browning characteristics and has a superior flavor profile to whey powder. In addition, the minerals in milk permeate powder can assist with sodium reduction without sacrificing flavor. From compound coatings and caramels to cookies and cakes, IdaPro MPP is an excellent choice to reduce cost and improve yield and flavor.