Formulators frequently struggle with producing higher protein yogurts without a gritty or grainy mouthfeel and chalkiness. Our IdaPlus 1085 milk protein solves this dilemma with reduced calcium phosphate content, which opens up the structure of casein micelles, allowing for quicker dispersion and hydration. The dispersion of the proteins significantly reduces any graininess or chalkiness typically associated with protein powders. With the improved dispersion and hydration gained from IdaPlus 1085, a yogurt manufacturer will see significant improvement in this area.

Increasing the protein content of yogurt increases the buffering capacity, which in turn increases the fermentation time, translating to reduced output or production efficiencies. IdaPlus 1085, with its reduced mineral content, will decrease buffering capacity and thus, fermentation times will be shorter, allowing yogurt manufacturers to improve output and production performance.

Due to more buffering capacity with higher protein content, the yogurt fermentation continues without changing the pH value. When this buffering occurs, more titratable acidity will be produced, which can result in a sourer tasting product and less consumer satisfaction. When using IdaPlus 1085, yogurt manufacturers will experience quicker make times due to less buffering from the milk proteins, providing a milder flavor in the yogurt.