buy milk protein isolateThe term, Milk Protein Concentrate, was modeled after the already existing name for protein that had been concentrated from cheese whey by ultrafiltration, Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC). In spite of the fact that MPC is significantly different from WPC, many people today continue to confuse the two. As per the FDA opinion, a Milk Protein Concentrate should contain all of the proteins that are naturally found in milk and these proteins should be found in an MPC in the same ratios as they are naturally found in milk. Since cow’s milk contains approximately 80% casein and only 20% whey proteins, it’s easy to understand that MPC contains only a small amount of whey protein. WPC (and also WPI), on the other hand, contains 100% whey proteins…by definition, there is no casein present in WPC. MPC forms a milky white suspension when dispersed in water. WPC (and WPI) form somewhat clear, brownish tinted dispersions in water. Aqueous dispersions of MPC have a bland or creamy flavor. Aqueous dispersions of WPC tend to have a slightly astringent flavor due to the high levels of sodium, potassium, and chlorine. Do not confuse MPC with WPC or WPI. They are significantly different in all respects—nutritionally, compositionally, and functionally.