Even at refrigerated temperatures, as milk sits around, reactions occur. Calcium and phosphorous will react with each other to form insoluble calcium phosphate salts and they will also react with the casein and whey proteins to decrease protein solubility. Fat in the milk will hydrolyze and oxidize, modifying the flavor characteristics of all of the milk ingredients. While these reactions may not be visible at the time of processing, they will affect shelf life and the functional properties of MPC powder.

At Idaho Milk Products our IdaPro MPC and MPI powders are made from the freshest milk in the world.

To begin the manufacturing process, milk is collected at dairy farms that belong to and are completely under the control of our farmer-partners. These farms are all within a 45 minute transport drive from our processing facility. The milk is immediately cooled to refrigeration temperatures at the dairy farms and stored under refrigeration until it is soon collected for transport to the facility. From the milking parlor forward, the milk is maintained in a hygienic, closed loop system (i.e., is not exposed to air) until the finished product is packaged at the facility.

Under our normal operating procedures, less than 24 hours will elapse between milking of the cows and final packaging of the finished MPC/MPI/MPP powders. In other factories around the world, the milk used is at least 24 hours old before the factories begin the manufacturing process. That is why independent lab testing has shown that IdaPro MPC/MPI powders have superior solubility and sensory properties compared to the competition.