Give your protein powder mix a lift

IdaPro Micellar Casein

IdaPro Micellar Casein (MC) is manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk using a low-heat membrane filtration process to ensure that the protein is not denatured and remains highly functional and nutritional.

Water, lactose, and minerals are reduced to achieve a protein content of 88 percent. IdaPro MC undergoes additional microfiltration to slightly increase the casein-to-whey ratio over what naturally occurs in cow milk. Other component typical values are: 1.3 percent fat, 2.5 percent lactose, 6.4 percent ash, and 5.3 percent moisture. IdaPro MC has a clean, light, milky flavor and aroma. IdaPro MC has superior functional attributes: solubility, emulsifying properties, suspension stability, and viscosity stability.

IdaPro MC is valuable in high protein-enrichment powder mix applications for adult nutrition, sports nutrition, and weight management. When a high protein level and stable emulsion are required, IdaPro MC delivers consistent, outstanding performance.

IdaPro MC is packaged in multi-walled paper bags with a double polyethylene liner (net content of 20 kilograms), stacked and wrapped on pallets in units of 800 kilograms.

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