We do everything with a view to being in business for generations

We take sustainability seriously

At Idaho Milk Products, we are committed to agriculture, the environment, top-quality products, our team, and the place we call home—Idaho.

Idaho Milk Products has proudly adopted the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment, affirming to our customers, our consumers and the global marketplace Idaho Milk Products’ pledge to responsible dairy production, as we nourish the communities we serve. We join other industry participants around the country in working hard to assure best practices in important areas like animal care, the environment and food safety. We strive to continually improve as we listen to and engage with our diverse stakeholders about what is most important to them. We also pledge to contribute to U.S. dairy’s ability to track and report progress to document our community’s leadership –from farm to table –in the global marketplace. For more information about the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment, go to:

Our focus on sustainability at Idaho Milk Products has always extended far beyond agriculture. We take it as a privilege and responsibility to be stewards of the environment, especially in our Southern Idaho backyard. We are dedicated to efficient and sustainable processes that support our business and community – securing a positive future for the largest dedicated milk protein production facility in the world. Click the button below to read our latest corporate social responsibility report.

Our employees are at the center of our sustainability efforts

Most importantly, we care about every aspect of the community as a whole and our employees make the difference. Our facility is only as exceptional as the employees who choose a career with us. Which is why we support and develop dynamic, accomplished employees by building safe and innovative working environments. At a minimum, we are committed to the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative, but our commitment to our people goes much further than that. Our care for the combined personal and professional lives of our employees motivates us to promote from within wherever possible, support continuing education, and foster independence of action.