Freshness meets versatility

The best ingredients

Fresh, well-understood ingredients make all the difference—whether you’re working on a new product launch or a reformulation. Idaho Milk Products makes the job easier with ingredients known for consistent functional properties that enable controlled development and confident transition to production.

Dairy applications

Smooth, rich, and creamy are the qualities of dairy at its finest—and the way to get there is by starting with the best ingredients. Use IdaPro or IdaPlus 1085 Milk Protein Concentrate and IdaPro Milk Permeate to make delicious yogurt, and high-protein beverages.

Specialized Nutrition

Many consumers need to target their dietary inputs to produce specific outcomes—from weight management and muscular recovery to healthy eating on the go. IdaPro milk proteins contain natural properties that satisfy appetites, promote recovery, and support metabolism.


Our milk proteins are the ingredient of choice for high-protein ready-to-drink (RTD) shakes.


IdaPro and IdaPlus 1085 milk proteins are excellent ingredients for weight loss products.


Our products are a win for sports nutrition formulas that delivers the nutrients needed to succeed.


Let us assist you with your food formulation challenges.

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