Is Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) vegan?

As it is derived from milk, MPC is not vegan. However, dairy products are considered vegetarian. A vegan avoids all animal products, including eggs and dairy, while vegetarians tend to consume dairy products and eggs. Vegetarianism is usually a diet, while veganism is a lifestyle.

Do our supplier dairies give cows antibiotics?

We do extensive antibiotic screening on every load of milk that arrives at Idaho Milk Products. If a load of milk is detected to contain antibiotics, that entire load of milk is rejected, as is required by law, and current protocol calls for sending that load to a digester for disposal. This program is FDA…

Is non-protein nitrogen in our cow feed?

Yes and the amounts are highly controlled.  Non-protein nitrogen is simply nitrogen that is not incorporated into amino acids and protein.  The two biggest sources of non-protein nitrogen on our dairies are urea and haylage.  Particular quantities of non-protein nitrogen are necessary for rumen health but should not be overused.  It is converted to ammonia…

Are cows fed Idaho Grown Crops?

A full 75% of the feed to the cows is Idaho grown. Mainly corn, alfalfa, and barley are grown in Idaho and fed to our cows. The other 25% are grain by-products following removal of certain human consumption products; examples, soy and canola meal following oil removal and cotton seed following cotton fiber removal.