Milk proteins contribute three important structural functions to ice cream. They emulsify the fat phase during homogenization to produce a stable emulsion in the mix state. Their subsequent interaction with emulsifiers during the aging process reduces the adsorbed protein level, thus producing a fat emulsion that is able to partially coalesce in ice cream and produce desirable fat structure. The addition of milk proteins to ice cream has been known to reduced shrinkage considerably, by enhancing air cell binding and water entrapment. Milk proteins also increase mix viscosity, which leads to enhanced body and texture and reduced rates of ice recrystallization.

IdaPro MPC-80 and MPI-85 can be used as an emulsifier and stabilizer, making them an excellent choice as an added ingredient in ice cream and ice cream novelties. For even greater results, try our IdaPlus 1085 which offers quicker dispersion and hydration, leading to smaller particle size and more stable product, particularly in high protein, low fat products.