Our IdaPro MPC-80 is an excellent protein source for high-protein shakes. MPC has a high-protein low-lactose ratio making it a great choice for protein-fortified beverages and low-lactose options. It is valuable in, but not limited to, protein-enrichment applications such as adult nutrition, active nutrition and weight management. IdaPro MPC-80 has superior functional attributes: solubility, emulsifying properties, suspension stability, and viscosity stability.

For the very best solution to your high-protein beverage needs, our IdaPlus 1085 offers an 85% protein on a dry matter basis, possesses significantly greater solubility than standard MPCs, leading to faster dispersion and hydration, even at colder processing temperatures. This results in smoother, less grainy mouthfeel and less chalkiness. Beverages experience improved viscosity, including maintaining low viscosity over shelf life and higher heat stability, reducing the occurrence of gelling.