One of the most difficult challenges manufacturers of drinking yogurts face is maintaining low viscosity over shelf life because when standard MPCs/MPIs are used, the resetting of yogurt white mass (casein gel) occurs due to the reforming of casein to casein bonds. This resetting normally occurs in the first 24 hours post shear. In many cases, the viscosity will continue to develop over the 45-55 days of shelf life. Calcium phosphate acts as a bridge between casein micelles to cause this viscosity build. The higher the protein content, the more re-linking that will occur, further increasing viscosity.

Our new IdaPlus 1085 is an enhanced 85% protein MPC with the calcium phosphate content adjusted to optimize the functionality of protein in these situations. The reduced level or free and lightly-bound calcium in IdaPlus 1085 provides less opportunity for calcium bridging, thus maintaining the desired low-viscosity over the life of the drinking yogurt. Drinking yogurt manufacturers are now able to formulate with higher levels of protein while preserving low viscosity over shelf life.