Many of the problems encountered when using milk protein powders to supplement milk solids when manufacturing cheese can be attributed to improper dispersion, improper hydration and poor solubility of the milk protein powder. To ensure optimum cheese quality, cheese manufacturers need to properly disperse and hydrate milk protein powder into their cheese milk before they start to manufacture cheese. Failure to do so can result in cheese with fish eyes, powder specs, ragged slice and shred, poor melt, undesirable organoleptic qualities and wasted protein powder.

To produce a cheese with pleasing physical and organoleptic properties, it is imperative that the cheesemaker thoroughly disperse the milk protein powder into the milk so that a homogenous, evenly distributed mixture is achieved. Maximizing milk protein solubility in the cheese milk will ensure the smoothest slice, shred and mouthfeel as well as result in consistent texture and melt properties.