Solubility of MPC/MPI is an important quality characteristic that determines how successful the product will be in various applications. This important product attribute can be affected by several process parameters including freshness of the raw milk prior to processing, processing conditions, and length/conditions of storage.

In order to maximize MPC solubility it’s important to minimize the potential for casein micelles to react with each other and agglomerate into larger micellar structures. These agglomerations are what lead to solubility issues. Like most chemical reactions, the more time, energy, and concentration put into the MPC production process the more likely casein micelles are to form large insoluble agglomerates. For this reason, IMP ensures that our milk is processed from raw milk to a powder within 24 hours of milking the cows at the farm. To further inhibit micellar agglomeration, IMP employs “cold process filtration” in the manufacture of our MPC and MPI. It is void of any heat input after pasteurization. We do not use a high heat evaporation step to concentrate the MPC prior to drying, as is utilized by most ultra filtration factories around the world. In addition, we try to manufacture our MPC/MPI on a just-in-time basis, to fit pending orders, so that the amount of time it sits in our warehouse prior to shipping to the customer is greatly reduced. With these strategies in place, IMP provides customers with MPC/MPI that is second to none with regards to solubility.