Protein sources differ in how they stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The type of protein consumed before bed is important for best results. Micellar Casein (MC) is a slowly digested protein source allowing for a slow release and increase of amino acids throughout the night. Whey protein is a more rapidly digested protein and has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis rates better but for a shorter period of time compared to casein. This is why whey protein is used most often post workout vs. pre-sleep.

Protein supplementation before sleep further enhances muscle growth and strength. Results also indicate an improved skeletal muscle adaptive response to exercise training, enhanced overnight muscle reconditioning, improved strength during workouts, increased lean mass, ability to exercise longer, and improved muscle adaption to exercise training.

Due to the high percentage of micellar casein in our IdaPro MC and our IdaPro MPIs, they provide great value in high protein-enrichment powder mix applications for adult nutrition, active nutrition, and weight management. When a high protein level and stable emulsion are required, our IdaPro proteins deliver consistent, outstanding performance.