Cow’s milk contains a balance of the casein proteins and the soluble serum proteins, more commonly known as whey proteins. Typically, milk from Idaho Milk Products’ cows will contain approximately 80% casein and 20% whey proteins along with a small amount of Non-Protein Nitrogen compounds. A well manufactured MPC/MPI will contain a ratio of casein to whey proteins of about 80% casein and 20% whey proteins. Much of the non-protein nitrogen compounds (e.g., urea, creatinine, ammonia compounds, and uric acid) are separated away from the casein and whey proteins during ultrafiltration and can be found in the milk permeate.

The casein proteins derive their name from the Latin word for cheese, “caseus”. It’s easy to surmise that caseins are the group of milk proteins that precipitate out as a curd during cheese manufacture. Whey proteins are so named because they are the group of proteins that remain soluble during cheese manufacture and are found in the cheese whey. In a well manufactured MPC/MPI, the caseins will be present in their natural, native milk structure, known as a micelle. A well manufactured MPC/MPI will also contain a high quantity of whey proteins that have not been damaged (denatured) by heat or chemicals.